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Open Source Complete Software for Online Businesses! Client Management, Billing, Support Solutions for online businesses. Available powerful business automation tools. Built in HelpDesk, CRM, Simple Accounting, Products/Services and Order Management. Free Powerful modules for business including To Do, Notice Board.

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Username: admin
Password: 123456

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Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456

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Version 3.0.6 – 09 April 2015

  • New: Add Dynamic Date option to Change the Date format of Full Application
  • Add SMTP Options For Email
  • Fixing Email Send Issue
  • And Many More
  • To update, Please Email to our Support Email [email protected]. The Update Blog will coming soon.

Version 3.0.6 – 30 September 2014

Version 3.0.5 – 15 May 2014

Version 3.0.4 – 15 April 2014

Version 3.0.3 – 02 March 2014

  • Fixed issue with Specific Client Manage Pagination
  • Fixed issue with Income Entry Pagination
  • Fixed issue with Expense Entry Pagination
  • Fixed issue with Transfers Pagination
  • Fixed issue with Transaction Filter with Expenses,Income ETC
  • Fixed issue with Balance Sheet with amount total Problem
  • Fixed issue with Total Balance in All Accounts Sum Problem in Home Page
  • Fixed issue with Stripe Amount Problem

    To update, Please visit, this link:

Version 3.0.2 – 21 September 2013

  • Language handler improvements in client portal
  • Fixed issue with invoice number increament
  • Fixed issue with tax rate for European Countries
  • Fixed issue with WYSIWYG
  • Fixed issue with invoice payment income entry

    To update, Please visit, this link:

Version 2.0.1 – 14 July 2013

  • Added Invoice notes
  • Fixed issue with client portal logout
  • Fixed issue with editing invoice
  • Fixed pdf invoice align issue

Version 2.0.0 – 26 May 2013

  • New: Redesigned The Home Page
  • New: Added an Extra Field for Language Handler in Settings -> Localization
  • New: Added an Extra Tab in Settings for Cron Jobs Automation Instructions
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with Invoice edit in Firefox browser
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with Forgot Password

Follow this instructions to update from v1.1.9 to v2.0.0-

Version 1.1.9 – 5 May 2013

  • New: Added offline Payment Method. Bank / Cash Payment option from Client Portal
  • New: Added option for Client Portal Language
  • New: Added option for safe delete invoice from Admin Panel
  • New: Added option for Set Next Invoice Starting
  • New: Added option for deactivate specific Email Notifications
  • New: Added CMS option to edit Homepage contents
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed changing client group
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed issue Adding Recurring Invoice for Past date

    Version 1.1.8 – 29 April 2013

    • New: Added Role Based Authentication System
    • New: Option for Support Departments
    • New: Editable Email Templates for Email Notifications
    • New: Added option for Place New Order from Admin Panel
    • New: Added Automatic Update Option
    • New: Added CMS option to edit Homepage contents
    • New: Added an option to view invoice directly without login, Authenticate via a system generated token
    • Updates: Various minor improvements and fixes to new code
    • Bug Fixes: Some minor bugs found by users fixes


    All in One Business Management Application - 5

    • Client Management System: Client Area Login. By using BmsAPP your clients will have only one login to remember to access their account and support with you. It’s all in one. You do not have to use separate software’s for Order Management, Invoicing, Client Transactions, Support Ticketing System.
    • Service Management area allows clients to view the details of the products & services they’ve bought from you. Client can view Service Activation Message (e.g. – Order Activation Details, Login User Password for Active Services etc.) from Client Area
    • Client Transaction/Invoice/Email History shows clients all the transactions, invoices and emails that have been generated and sent to them for review at any time
    • Orders can be placed using the built in system from client Area. Automatic Invoice generation for New Order
    • Automated Invoicing & Manual Invoicing Both are available. Automated Invoicing system will take care of billing your customers on new order placed Or a recurring basis for existing Orders. Manual Invoicing allows you to generate one-off invoices for your custom services (e.g. Web Design, Software Development or any Products/Services)
    • PDF Invoice: One Click Automatic PDF Invoice Creation, Can be downloaded for saving or printing
    • Fund Adding System from Client Area, Client can add fund in Advance which can be used for future purchase or invoices
    • Built in Feature rich Ticket System which allows you to efficiently manage client email requests amongst a team of staff
    • Built In Knowledgebase System for Clients to provide answers to those frequently asked questions for Client Self Service
    • Open Source & Developer Friendly. No Framework Used. Can be Customized Easily
    • Templates for both the client and admin areas. You can fully customize both Admin Portal and Client Portal
    • Drag & Drop Knowledgebase Categories & Articles Sorting
    • Accounts, Transactions entry with Advanced cross browser Ajax Functionality
    • Simple Accounting for Tracking your Income, Expense, Transfers etc. Auto Generated Balance Sheet. Net Worth for analyze your Business Growth
    • Professional Looking Invoices
    • Localization: Set Default Currency & Country
    • Perform Database Cleanup from Admin Panel
    • Great UI for Support Ticketing System
    • Sent Email Logs: Log all emails sent from the system
    • System Logs: Logs all client and Admin Activity
    • To Do Modules: Multiple lists, Task notes, Tags (and tag cloud), Priority (-1, 0, +1, +2), Different sortings including sort by drag-and-drop, etc
    • Notice Board Module built with Ajax
    • Useful Sticky Note Module Built with Ajax
    • Different Login Portal for Client and Admin
    • Responsive Design
    • Putting tools and options exactly where you’d expect them. Develop with users in mind, designed to be easily customizable and extendable. Well Structured Code that emphasizes flexibility and expressiveness. Integrate it into your business as much as you wish. Very Easy To Use with great features.
    • Fully Optimized, Tested for faster & exceptional performance
    • Code Library, can be used to extend the application
    • And Many More…

    System Requirements:

    • PHP 5.2+
    • PHP Data Objects (PDO) Extension
    • PDO_MySQL Driver
    • MySQL 5.x or later versions

    The above features are generally available in the most current web servers with PHP & MySQL installed.

    Built In Auto Installer

    With Built In Auto Installer, Installing BmsAPP is very easy and simple.

    Client Management

    • Manage Clients: Here you will find list of your all clients. Available PHP module for Exporting CSV and Exporting PDF. An Add Account Button for adding new Account with Ajax interface. You can add here any types of accounts. (e.g. – Customer Account, Bank Account etc.)
    • Add New Client: You can add New Client using the menu
    • Client Groups: You can add/edit/delete Client groups using this menu. Later you can use client group to send bulk email or other interaction
    • Send Bulk Email: This is one of the unique feature with great UI to promote your product using Bulk Email. Simply, Choose your client group, Write email for them and Click send. Email will be delivered to your all clients under selected group

    Payments & Invoicing

    • Transactions: All the transactions between accounts. (e.g. Customer to Bank, Customer to Paypal, Cash to Bank, Paypal to Bank). This option is also available under Accounting menu
    • Invoices: List of invoices- both system generated or manually created. Options available- Manage Invoice (Mark Cancelled, Mark Paid, Mark Unpaid, Send Email, Print etc.)
    • Add Invoice: Add New Invoice for your client for products and services.
    • Recurring Invoice: Add, Manage Recurring Invoice for your clients. You can create recurring invoice for weekly, monthly, yearly etc.

    Order Management

    Manage orders placed by clients from client area. Activate order with Activation message. Or Mark as Cancelled. Delete order etc.

    Products/Services Management

    Manage, add, edit, set price your products and services. Your customer will view your products/ services with details under Client portal. Customer can order your products/services directly from client area.

    Simple Accounting

    • All Accounts: List all accounts (e.g.- Customer, Vendor, Employee, Bank, Cash, Vendor, Liability etc.)
    • Income entry: Add income entry. This will generate revenue graph based on your transaction. You can generate graph based on date.
    • Expenses entry: Same as income entry. You can track your expense, view history etc.
    • Transfers: Transfers between accounts
    • Transactions: List of all transactions
    • Balance Sheet: Balance sheet will generate based on all your accounts. Shows Net worth based on your all accounts.
    • COA Help: COA (Chart of Accounts), in this option you will get help to add account. Accounts type, Description etc.

    Support Tools

    • Knowledgebase Categories: Manage Knowledgebase Categories. Sorting with drag and drop. The position will be saved dynamically with ajax
    • Knowledgebase Articles: Add/Edit/Update Articles. Set position with ajax interface
    • Support Tickets: View, Reply, Manage support tickets. Add new ticket for your client etc.

    Bulk Email

    This is one of the unique feature with great UI to promote your product using Bulk Email. Simply, Choose your client group, Write email for them and Click send. Email will be delivered to your all clients under selected group.

    Additional Free Modules

    • To Do: This is the Complete, feature rich To Do Application. You can add/edit/manage to do from this module. Set tg, add note etc.
    • Sticky Note: Sticky Note Module with ajax interface
    • Notice Board: Ajax powered notice board system


    • System Logs: View all System Activity, Admin Activity, Client Activity
    • Sent Email Logs: The logs for all emails sent using the system
    • System Status: A system generated snapshot of your system
    • Database Cleanup: Perform database cleanup to delete old logs and emails
    • Developer Tools: Help Documentation for developers

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